10 romantic novels to read if you're a fan of pure love

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Everyone has had a love story, or if not seen at least heard or read one. Isn’t it so amazing to have someone love you with just pure love and expect only love and compassion in return? Going on cute little dates, Standing under an umbrella in the rain, the first touch and first kiss. We all cherish these lovely moments in our lives forever, but some of our Indian Authors here have given us love stories that stay in our heart and are remembered truly –

  1. I Too Had A Love StoryRavinder Singh

I too had a love story tis hands down one of the finest love story till date. The writer Ravinder Sharma beautifully pens down the story with emotional twists that come in Ravin and Khushi’s lives. He manages to capture their pure and innocent love, his heart-wrenching novel is a must read for everyone who has ever loved anyone deeply. The book keeps you hooked until the end and will for sure leave you in tears, so make sure you grab some tissues.

  1. Truly Madly DeeplyFaraaz Kazi

As the name of the book itself suggests, the story of this love story is truly, madly and deeply as well. This is a story of two people Rahul and Seema. Rahul is a popular face at school while Seema is an introvert but yet very beautiful. Rahul goes out of his way and tries to make Seema fall in love with him, but everything goes in vain when a lot of misunderstandings rise and their ego’s clash. Do they fall in love or do they part ways forever? Well we know that it’s teenage love story that most of us would have been in or still are in, lets find out what happens after reading the book. The novel is written by Faraaz Kazi and has also won the Goodreads Choice Award for the Best Debut in Romance.

  1. Law of AveragesKshitij Padhy

This is another classic love story or can I say the typical love story of how a boy next door who falls in love with a girl which is basically “love at first sight”. The rest of the story revolves around he manages to convince his to be Father-in-Law while he juggles his work and life. It is a fun story with a lot of masala elements in it, just like how we Indians like it…Filmy ishtyle. The novel is Kshitij Padhy’s debut and he has done excellent for himself. For anyone who’s looking for a fun and cute love story, this book is for you.

  1. The Boy Who LovedDurjoy Datta

The novel The Boy Who Loved is a story about two individuals Raghu and Brahmi. Raghu is a normal school-going guy who hides a secret deep down within himself that has him broken, which is when he meets Brahmi who seems to be as shattered as he is. The story revolves around how both of them get together and whether or not will they make their story work. The Author has introduced a lot of twists and turns to bring out the true essence of both of the characters. The book also has a sequel to it, namely The Boy with A Broken Heart.

  1. It Started with A Friend RequestSudeep Nagarkar

Today we all have dating apps and it isn’t that hard to find someone that we instantly have a liking towards. The novel It Started with a Friend Request is about Akash and Aleesha who are two very different individuals who meet and end up falling in love. It all started after they exchanged their BBM pins, and the rest of the story portrays their cute love story which might seem child-like at some point but is definitely a simple and innocent love story. The author has written in beautifully and has not only focused on love but also about creating a bond and growing in a relationship.

  1. If Its Not Forever, Its Not LoveNikita Singh and Durjoy Datta

Nikita Singh along with Durjoy Datta co-wrote this book which is the story of the Delhi-High Court bomb blast and how it affected a few people, one being Deb who finds a mysterious half-burnt diary of someone who probably was present in the blast. He started to get inclined by the book and slowly develops an interest in knowing more than just what is written in a diary. The book keeps you hooked until the end and it is worth reading if you’re looking for a Romantic-thriller.

  1. 14th FEB- A LOVE STORYVeena C

We all know what is on the 14th of February, yes that’s right…its Valentine’s Day. The story is about a guy named Sanjay who an intelligent and bright student, who works hard, aiming for an IIT and planning to go to America. The only thing that is missing in his life is love, he had been mad fun of by his fellow mates and even dumped by his ex-girlfriend until he fell in love on the day of Valentine’s Day. Love has the power to let you fight against all odds and that exactly is what this book tries to show us. Over all, it is a good read and something light which is not heart-breaking but now very unbelievable at the same time.

  1. Your Dreams Are Mine now – Ravinder Singh

Everyone has a dream and we all work really hard to fulfil them. Similarly, Rupali is a small-town girl who has big dreams and comes to the city to fulfil them, whereas Arjun is a typical Delhi boy who is involved in the youth politics. The two of them are complete opposites of each other, a scandal at the college brings them closer to each other and at the end puts their lives at stake. It is a very emotional and powerful story filled with a touch of Politics. Ravinder Singh again proves his capability of coming up with really good love stories.

  1. Wish I Could Tell YouDurjoy Datta

Wish I Could Tell You is the most recent work of Durjoy Datta and my personal favourite as well. To anyone who has read this book, you know what we’re talking about. It is a story about two individuals Anusha Sardana and Anant Khatri. The both of them eventually fall in love but with a lot of twists and turns that gradually unfold themselves. This story has the audience with mixed reactions basically in a shock at the end. It is a must read for everyone who is a die-hard fan of Durjoy Datta.

Most of the authors have been repetitive, but that is because they have managed to create magic and come up with some of the most heart-breaking and beautiful love stories. To people out there who have read their stories and to the ones who haven’t read them yet, go read them know and let us know your experience.

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8 Ways to stay positive and motivated during this pandemic

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If you are like me, you are probably experiencing more stress that usual. Work is different, the Wi-Fi is acting up, and your social life has come to a halt. Stability and predictability are two words that we are unable to resonate with anymore. After a certain point, all of this can get to you. Fear can make you feel powerless. While you cannot control your feelings, thoughts and the Wi-Fi, you definitely can shift your attention towards the things you can control and help restore your sense of confidence.

Make a list of things that you think are in your control (They could be uneventful or extraordinary) and work on them, every single day. I would like to share with you, my list:

  1. Start a virtual book/movie club: Start your own book club on WhatsApp. Add all the bibliophiles on your contact list. Or if you’re a movie buff, create a group to watch and discuss movies.
  2. Enhance your skills: Work on advancing your skill! It could be something as mundane as taking up an excel course or something fun like baking. Try to complete at least two online courses this quarantine!
  3. Work out: You probably saw this coming. But one cannot stress how important it is to work out especially during uncertain times like these, when your anxiety is at its peak and your thoughts don’t let you sleep. Learn new home workouts every day and let the endorphins and serotonin flow into your body.
  4. Interact (virtually) with your long lost friends and family: Life can get really busy and to be honest it has been. Until now. And we are unable to cope with all the time we have. Talk to all those people you lost touch with and wished you hadn’t (This does not include you ex. DO NOT TEXT THEM!).
  5. Learn a new make-up routine: I personally feel like, the time I spend wearing make-up is all for me. It is the time I have chosen for myself. It could take you fifty minutes or fifteen minutes. That is YOUR time, you are looking in the mirror and focusing on yourself. So create a new look and wear some mascara because, why not?
  6. Write a blog on Glo Community: You probably did not see this one coming. But really, put all your thoughts (happy or sad) into words, not only will it help you learn a lot about yourself, but also help you gain awareness of your reality. You will be helping contribute to the WHO Covid-19 fund!
  7. Limit your news intake: While it is good to be informed at all times, the amount of information can be a double edged sword. So be aware, but also learn to disconnect.
  8. Do your bit: Last but not the least, everybody reading this is probably doing their part by washing hands regularly and staying home unless absolutely necessary. Every small effort is going to add up and will have a huge impact.

Do not lose hope. Stay positive, stay motivated and please be safe. We are all in this together. 😊

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Being 8 Months Pregnant Didn’t Stop This SHERO From Delivering COVID-19 Test Kits To The Nation

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In the battle against coronavirus, India has been criticised time and again for a poor record of testing people. Amidst all of this, there is change set to be brought about, a large part of which is accredited to the one and only virologist - Minal Dakhave Bhosale.

Ms Bhosale headed the team that designed the coronavirus testing kit (called Patho Detect)  in India and is also the R&D chief of Mylabs discovery, Pune. She had just been informed of a pregnancy complication in february, right after which despite personal circumstances, willingly took on the assignment of designing the coronavirus test kits.

Up until now, India had to import COVID-19 kits from Germany at Rs.4500 per kit, but the molecular diagnostic company has been successful in creating a kit that is now able to test 100 samples and costs Rs 1,200 - literally a quarter of the cost of COVID-19 testing kits that were being imported. 

Besides being relatively much lower than kits imported from outside, the team also achieved COVID-19 testing in just two and a half hours compared to other tests that took no less than 6-7 hours. 

What is most fascinating about her story is that Ms Bhosale managed to complete her assignment on time and while being 8 months pregnant, only a couple of hours before she delivered her baby daughter. 

In the words of Ms Bhosale (to BCC) : “ It was an emergency, so I took this on as a challenge. I have to serve my nation”. A true inspiration to women across the world and a real team player - a thousand salutes to the women who put her nation first in the most critical of situations. 

Minal Dakhave Bhosale- A real life hero, A SHERO, as one may say.

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