10 women empowering advertisements

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Over the decade, we’ve seen a lot of advertisements that have been very stereotypical against women, why is this so important? Advertisements play a huge role in educating the audience today, and portraying ads in a gender stereotypical way not only has an effect on the existing generation but also the upcoming generation because they grow up with such stereotypical ideas in the mind. While we all have seen the typical advertisements of women in the kitchen, washing clothes and cleaning…here are a few advertisements to light up your mood and that have also brought a change in the way women have been perceived all through the years:

  • Ariel – #share the load:

Ariel has been making headlines for its ad campaigns on the household inequality faced by women from the last few years. They started coming up with creative advertisements to end this stereotype of women being the only one subjected to household chores. #ShareTheLoad has been their tagline since then and they have come up with role reversal in their advertisements from stereotypical image of a woman washing clothes to men and dads sharing the load too. They have been making progress ever since they started, there was also a catchy jingle created at the start of the campaign, here is a glimpse of what they’ve been up to over the years.


  • Nirma-

Nirma’s advertisement of women outpowering men and coming out strong was released in the year 2011. The main motive behind the advertisement was to feature women equally strong amongst the patriarchal and stereotypical ideology of woman being very sensitive and weak. The woman here pulls out an ambulance from a puddle of mud while the men stand there watching and staying out of the dirt. This advertisement was trending way back then and created a lot of hype, it was also a comeback for Nirma after sliding down in business by the other competitors.


  • Myntra’s Anouk- Bold is beautiful:

Anouk is Myntra’s in-house ethnic brand and ever since it started, they have been releasing very creative and empowering advertisements of women. We all remember Radhika Apte starring in an advertisement with a pregnancy bump. The advertisement shows how pregnant women are often neglected at work or aren’t given any importance because she’s obviously going on a maternity leave or never coming back anyways. In the advertisement they also portray that woman are themselves the ones supporting and encouraging such stereotypes. The ad is very beautiful and a must watch for everyone who thinks that women can’t work while they’re pregnant.


  • Havells- #Respect for women:

Havells brought a change in its style of advertising and started the #RespectForWomen campaign. We usually tend to give all our work to our mother’s, wives or daughters but when are we going to learn to step up and do something for ourselves. Havells started the Respect for Women campaign to create a change that women are not kitchen appliances. Ever since then, they have been coming up with quirky and creative advertisements usually explaining men the difference between a woman and a kitchen appliance. Here is one such advertisement that you will enjoy.


  • Brooke bond Red Label- #Unstereotype:

We are often told that why you behaving like a girl? Or why are you doing this? It’s a girl’s job. Brooke bond’s advertisement of #Unstereotype very effortlessly carries itself trying to change the ideology that boys can also do things that girls can do. The advertisement shows a small boy preparing tea, but not just for himself but a friend of his who is a girl. The ad is beautiful in its own way and has a very emotional appeal to it. To anyone who’s always been asked to stop doing things because it’s a woman’s job this advertisement will definitely unstereotype your thinking.


  • Titan Raga’s – #HerLifeHerChoices

When it comes to women, we expect them to follow or act according to what we believe they should be doing, whether it is getting married, leaving your career to get into marriage or sacrificing your dreams for your children. We have all seen and read about these things, but what if we told you these aren’t the way women are. Titan Raga brings in the #HerLifeHerChoices ad’s that explain that you don’t have to quit your dreams and ambitions just to get married and rear children, that you don’t have to marry because of peer or societal pressure. Everything happens at the right time.


  • Tanishq-

Whenever we think of Tanishq, all we can imagine is a bride sitting and getting ready with fine jewellery being embraced by her. This is exactly how we all have been seeing jewellery advertisements in the past few years, but not anymore because Tanishq stepped up and changed their ideology of jewellery being portrayed against women. They have been releasing advertisements of how empowering women can be in their roles and how effortlessly they carry themselves out every day. Mia’s #Best at work ad, the wedding film ad and the Niloufer ad are one among the best of Tanishq.


  • Biba- #ChangeisBeautiful

Bringing in a Change is indeed beautiful and especially amongst our daughters, wives and mothers. Biba believes in the exact same and their Change is Beautiful ad’s have not only brought in a change in men but have also touched women. They have touched topics like marriage, dowry, body conscious and studies. The main objective behind Biba is to make sure that not only men or society change, but for women to also accept themselves for who they are and embrace themselves completely. They have a series of 5 ads under the Change is Beautiful campaign, and here is one advertisement among them that you will love.


  • Whisper- #MyTouchtThePickleMoment

We all know the taboos that surround periods and especially sanitary napkins. Whisper took a stand for all the taboos surrounding the topic of menstruation and came up with the #MyTouchThePickleMoment. The advertisement portrays how carrying a sanitary napkin in the open is still considered a taboo and not acceptable by many people even today. We all have to teach our daughters, our society and our kids that it is okay to menstruate, it is okay to openly talk about it and it is okay to be normal.


  • Vicks- #TouchOfCare

The Vicks #TouchOfCare campaign was a very emotional story of Gauri Sawant. This ad beautifully captures the emotions of a child and mother but it a hint of surprise till the end. Over all, this advertisement has been one of the most impactful ads because it not only breaks gender stereotype but also creates a new change in the society and gives and identity to Gauri Sawant as a doting mother. Wondering what we’re talking about? Then go and have a loot at this ad, the end will leave you as surprised as we were and will definitely bring tears in your eyes and a smile on your face.


These are a few advertisements that only change the way we think about women, but also show them in a very empowering manner and encourage them to accept themselves for who they are and what they’re doing. Share with us which ad you loved the most right below in the comments section.

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20 Ideas To Celebrate Random Acts Of Kindness Day 2020

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How is that a day such as Valentine’s is glorified to an extent that the biggest hollywood celebrities engage in it so very eagerly but a day that is dedicated solely for the purpose of making the least bit difference and giving back to society barely makes it to the holiday calendar? 

Random Act of Kindness week starts on the 17th of february every year and gives you 7 sweet days to do something nice (for a friend, for the society or even for the environment) in a way that not just creates an impact, but multiplies your effort by driving people to do nice, be kind often and remember that deeds are superior if performed for the collective good of people. 

20 of the SIMPLEST Ideas to celebrate Random Act Of Kindness Week:

  1. Compliment a Stranger. A simple “Woah, cool sweater!” could literally make someone’s day, and you would lose nothing.
  2. Cook for someone who feeds you everyday (Ideally your mom/dad or cook). Every great cook is so used to feeding other people’s bellies everyday and deserves to be pampered with food too- the smile on this person’s face when you cook them a meal will make your day along with theirs.
  3. Lend a friend one of your favorite reads. It’s a great way of saying “Here’s a piece of me, thanks for existing” - without actually having to say it.
  4. Write a review. What are the 10 best places to get some kickass biryani? Or which are the most pet-friendly places to visit in your city? Any knowledge is great knowledge - get it up on the gram, or you know, on Glo. I’m sure you’ll at least help one person decide on his next outing. 
  5. Call a lonely relative and attempt to make them laugh.
  6. Donate Blood- thousands out there need blood. If you don’t know where to begin, look up https://scoophub.in/top-10-best-blood-donation-organizations-in-india/
  7. Repost your friend/following’s businesses to spread the word. If they get one extra follower because of you, you’ve succeeded.
  8. Pick up litter that you didn’t throw out.
  9. Spend a day at an old age home. Been there, done this and the joy on their faces will bring you happiness that’s truly unmatched.
  10. Send colouring books to children at an orphanage/ sick children at the hospital. Dunzo it (use a local delivery service) if you can't physically go there. 
  11. Take initiative to make breakfast and get your whole family together on the dining table. Make it a whole event. Indulging in family time is a wonderful act of kindness.

12. Leave your waiter a generous tip. 

13. Help a neighbour/friend clean their room. Or backyard.

14. Use your savings to fund a child’s education for a whole academic year. You’ll be surprised to know that it’s quite the pocket-friendly deed. 

Click to know just how easy it is: https://bit.ly/37BfaCw

15. Get a haircut. Donate your hair after: Way to turn an act of kindness into a cute makeover!

16. Be kind to the environment. Walk/Cycle/Carpool to work instead of taking a cab or an auto 

17. Make a kindness pledge/list- one that is flexible and can be practiced at least once every week. 

18. Pay for a co-worker’s lunch.

19. Do something kind for yourself. Read a book. Watch an old favorite movie. Eat healthy, gut-friendly foods. Write a letter to your future self. Take a leap you’ve been meaning to. 

20. Let people know of the day. Celebrate Kindness. 

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Super Bowl 2020: Extremity In The Name Of Culture?

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After a great game of an outstanding comeback by Kansas City Chiefs (Vs San Francisco 49ers) in Super Bowl LIV, the crowd seemed to be inclined towards debating a rather isolated issue than the game itself: Was the halftime performance by Hollywood’s beloved superstars Shakira and Jennifer Lopez obscene?

The two set the stage on fire and how! (Although, this might seem to have contradicted the opinion of the majority)

What the audience found and I quote “terribly disturbing”:

The broadcast featured the two stars in costumes showcasing their buttocks, pole dancing and grabbing their crotch multiple times on stage- all interpreted as ruthless objectification of women by two of the most influential women in the world. 

A famous reporter of the Golf Channel even went ahead and tweeted: “Stop dancing on a stripper pole on the biggest stage and then complain about how often we get sexualised.. The hypocrisy of wanting to not be seen as sex symbols but then wearing outfits and choosing overtly sexual choreography has me very confused” 

An audience full of young parents on the other hand had their own issues with regard to how something like THE Super Bowl, an event supposedly aired for all age groups to enjoy could have a performance such as this as if it were the 'new normal’.

The halftime show featuring Shakira and Jennifer Lopez seemed to garner more buzz than the game itself. (What!?) At some point, little children were showcased in cages- all seen as a political statement about President Trump’s immigration policy - but the whole pole dancing and stimulated sex gestures were viewed as most offensive. 

Prolife advocate Abby Johnson tweeted, “On the day of the highest rate of sex trafficking, the NFL says, ‘Hey, let’s have two women dance half naked and get a bunch of zoomed in crotch shots of them. That’s female empowerment!’ Do they have no clue that they just contributed to the commodification of women?” Even though a lot of folks said they loved the energy and called the two Latina’s performances “historic”, the popular opinion seems to have been this: misrepresentation of an entire culture on one of the biggest stages airing worldwide.  

The performance might have not appeared to be “family friendly” to a few but did it deserve a statement as harsh as “This exhibition was Pepsi showing young girls that sexual exploitation of women is OK”?

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