7 things to keep in mind for beginner backpackers

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7 things to keep in mind for beginner backpackers

Nowadays, good old fashioned traveling is over; the ones where we used to make our travel destination feel like a second home. Packing everything so we would not miss home. These days backpacking is the new trending travel concept. Here, we just grab our bags and pack our essential things and explore the wilderness. If you are a beginner backpacker then there is going to be a lot of confusion on how to approach this. But don’t worry, I am here to give 7 essential tipsto keep in mind if you ever decide to go backpacking:

  1. Start with your backpack- Buy a backpack that fits your size perfectly, one that you can carry easily. Try a few and buy the one you are most comfortable with. Things like shoulder straps should be adjustable and the hip strap should come up to your hip. You should be able to lift it when it is full. My suggestion is to buy a rucksack with good back support. This will help you walk comfortably.
  2. Essential things to pack- Here are some essential things you should pack for sure because you will need them at some point of time. Things like a first aid kit, bug protection, and a Swiss army knife can be helpful in tricky situations. You must also carry lip balm, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Pack a flashlight with an extra pair of batteries. If you are going to a remote place then you must also keep a GPS device and some fire starting material with you.
  3. Proper footwear- Investing in good footwear is always a good idea. It is a key part of your backpacking because most of your journey will be on foot. You could either go with a leather hiking shoe or any durable lightweight shoe. Keep socks according to the temperature of the place you are going to. Do not take newly bought shoes. First, use them for a few days or they might be problematic to adjust to in tough terrains.
  4. Pack light- Pack according to the adventure you want. Do you want to hike just for a few miles and then spend majority of your time at the camping site or do you want to go deep into mountain ranges and jungles? Always keep an extra pair of clothes since you may encounter an unexpected rainfall. Pack your bag in such a way that you would not have a hard time finding your things. Because in such a situation you can get frustrated. So pack in an organized way.
  5. Prepare yourself in advance- Backpacking is always easy and fun. But if you are a beginner then it might feel difficult. It is not like your old fashioned travel. So you need to be prepared for it - physically and mentally. Start jogging one month before you are planning to go on a backpacking trip(/trek). You can try some shoulder and back exercises. Don’t forget to do some cardio. It will be helpful in rough terrain. If you are a smoker then either quit or reduce it to a minimum. Always remember that it is not a race so take it slow and steady.
  6. Start with an easy one- As a beginner backpacker, always start with an easy hike. Try going out for a weekend getaway. So you can learn as well as adjust to this new kind of adventure. In the first go, choose a destination with an easy terrain with less steep ascends and descends. Do not go to a remote place in the beginning. Always ask your local guide as many questions as you want. Do not stop until you are satisfied. So next time you can do it on your own.
  7. Be prepared for changes- Backpacking is always very unpredictable. It is not like your ordinary travel itinerary. So be ready to accept any change and be quick to adapt to those changes. Research about the area you are going to, because some areas might have extreme changes in weather so you should be ready to endure them. Sometimes, local people might not be very welcoming as you might expect them to so be ready for any kind of change and adapt accordingly.

You are officially ready to go on your first backpacking adventure. Just keep the above discussed tips in mind and you will have a wonderful backpacking experience!

If you want to add any more tips, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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20 Ideas To Celebrate Random Acts Of Kindness Day 2020

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How is that a day such as Valentine’s is glorified to an extent that the biggest hollywood celebrities engage in it so very eagerly but a day that is dedicated solely for the purpose of making the least bit difference and giving back to society barely makes it to the holiday calendar? 

Random Act of Kindness week starts on the 17th of february every year and gives you 7 sweet days to do something nice (for a friend, for the society or even for the environment) in a way that not just creates an impact, but multiplies your effort by driving people to do nice, be kind often and remember that deeds are superior if performed for the collective good of people. 

20 of the SIMPLEST Ideas to celebrate Random Act Of Kindness Week:

  1. Compliment a Stranger. A simple “Woah, cool sweater!” could literally make someone’s day, and you would lose nothing.
  2. Cook for someone who feeds you everyday (Ideally your mom/dad or cook). Every great cook is so used to feeding other people’s bellies everyday and deserves to be pampered with food too- the smile on this person’s face when you cook them a meal will make your day along with theirs.
  3. Lend a friend one of your favorite reads. It’s a great way of saying “Here’s a piece of me, thanks for existing” - without actually having to say it.
  4. Write a review. What are the 10 best places to get some kickass biryani? Or which are the most pet-friendly places to visit in your city? Any knowledge is great knowledge - get it up on the gram, or you know, on Glo. I’m sure you’ll at least help one person decide on his next outing. 
  5. Call a lonely relative and attempt to make them laugh.
  6. Donate Blood- thousands out there need blood. If you don’t know where to begin, look up https://scoophub.in/top-10-best-blood-donation-organizations-in-india/
  7. Repost your friend/following’s businesses to spread the word. If they get one extra follower because of you, you’ve succeeded.
  8. Pick up litter that you didn’t throw out.
  9. Spend a day at an old age home. Been there, done this and the joy on their faces will bring you happiness that’s truly unmatched.
  10. Send colouring books to children at an orphanage/ sick children at the hospital. Dunzo it (use a local delivery service) if you can't physically go there. 
  11. Take initiative to make breakfast and get your whole family together on the dining table. Make it a whole event. Indulging in family time is a wonderful act of kindness.

12. Leave your waiter a generous tip. 

13. Help a neighbour/friend clean their room. Or backyard.

14. Use your savings to fund a child’s education for a whole academic year. You’ll be surprised to know that it’s quite the pocket-friendly deed. 

Click to know just how easy it is: https://bit.ly/37BfaCw

15. Get a haircut. Donate your hair after: Way to turn an act of kindness into a cute makeover!

16. Be kind to the environment. Walk/Cycle/Carpool to work instead of taking a cab or an auto 

17. Make a kindness pledge/list- one that is flexible and can be practiced at least once every week. 

18. Pay for a co-worker’s lunch.

19. Do something kind for yourself. Read a book. Watch an old favorite movie. Eat healthy, gut-friendly foods. Write a letter to your future self. Take a leap you’ve been meaning to. 

20. Let people know of the day. Celebrate Kindness. 

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Super Bowl 2020: Extremity In The Name Of Culture?

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After a great game of an outstanding comeback by Kansas City Chiefs (Vs San Francisco 49ers) in Super Bowl LIV, the crowd seemed to be inclined towards debating a rather isolated issue than the game itself: Was the halftime performance by Hollywood’s beloved superstars Shakira and Jennifer Lopez obscene?

The two set the stage on fire and how! (Although, this might seem to have contradicted the opinion of the majority)

What the audience found and I quote “terribly disturbing”:

The broadcast featured the two stars in costumes showcasing their buttocks, pole dancing and grabbing their crotch multiple times on stage- all interpreted as ruthless objectification of women by two of the most influential women in the world. 

A famous reporter of the Golf Channel even went ahead and tweeted: “Stop dancing on a stripper pole on the biggest stage and then complain about how often we get sexualised.. The hypocrisy of wanting to not be seen as sex symbols but then wearing outfits and choosing overtly sexual choreography has me very confused” 

An audience full of young parents on the other hand had their own issues with regard to how something like THE Super Bowl, an event supposedly aired for all age groups to enjoy could have a performance such as this as if it were the 'new normal’.

The halftime show featuring Shakira and Jennifer Lopez seemed to garner more buzz than the game itself. (What!?) At some point, little children were showcased in cages- all seen as a political statement about President Trump’s immigration policy - but the whole pole dancing and stimulated sex gestures were viewed as most offensive. 

Prolife advocate Abby Johnson tweeted, “On the day of the highest rate of sex trafficking, the NFL says, ‘Hey, let’s have two women dance half naked and get a bunch of zoomed in crotch shots of them. That’s female empowerment!’ Do they have no clue that they just contributed to the commodification of women?” Even though a lot of folks said they loved the energy and called the two Latina’s performances “historic”, the popular opinion seems to have been this: misrepresentation of an entire culture on one of the biggest stages airing worldwide.  

The performance might have not appeared to be “family friendly” to a few but did it deserve a statement as harsh as “This exhibition was Pepsi showing young girls that sexual exploitation of women is OK”?

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