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The genre talks about every women's stand and affirmations to the society, all the pressures and obligations she handles and yet flourishes into being the best version of herself and making this society just the evolving ground to be.

Every person in this planet is just like a coin. The one which the world sees him as and the second what he be when all lights of this worldly power and act dissloves out and which he has to surrender to when he finally dozes off from and sees himself as. And truth be told, the inner you is always way much stronger than what you assume it to be. Similarly, we all see how a women who plays so many roles in daily lives yet is always the one to be rock solid and be the shoulder and also the support to be easily relied upon. All that the society sees is Oh, how is she so upfront?How can she be so ambitious, Oh, damn how is she so bold in her choices just so into herself and not caring about the norms and notions formed by the society? How can she have so much strength that she still has a heart to love people and still get new experiences out from every step she takes. How can she take decision all by herself and be so affirmed on fulfilling them no matter what. How can she have herself set as a priority rather than the obligations put on her. HOW? All that the society and people out there can think and percieve a woman is to be the noding head to every choices and decision taken by the man around her and think of ways to make her be relying upon them even in this 21st century. Whereas, if looked deep inside a woman is so much more than just to be taken as a liability in a family or so much more than just being taken as a commodity or a piece of art that you could just fix up to add up the beauty of your house. You would never know how a mother, a homemaker wakes up daily juggling in properly running errands in her household providing every member of the family with everything they ask for, whether it be the morning tea in hand of every person, taking care of the elderly, giving out the utmost care to all the kids and also providing them the morals so that they be the best version of themselves and if she is a working woman Oh, that just be another challenge for her because how can she step into a man's world, she must not be efficient enough to carry on her home, she must be purely lurking around money more than her family, she must be the one taking and swaying upon all the decisions in her household, her kids must be so on their own, totally being the ones losing morals because she is working out who at home will be there to look out on them. The kind of carrier choices we make certainly be the thing that get us defined in the society, we are taken as the ones who should be carrying on the family and bearing with all of it no matter how reck our personal lives tend to be, we are seen as the one to bare with all of it even if our partner is just incompetent to be seen as our half. All that we receive is why do you want to work, we are here working and getting you all that you want, why do you want to speak up you cetainly don't know anything about how this world runs so it's better you keep your opinions to yourself. Every women, everyone of us has always or will ultimately be the one facing it all one day. We are strong and they fear us because they know that we are super strong to deal with all the crappy and dual nature that this world has in store for us. They fear and want us to be strangled down in name of every societal norm or culture, but being strong and fighting up against all the rights and forces that belong to us is what has and will always define a woman and so, when I see or think of the world inside of me I see no particular being or You and I, I see all of us that make the word " Women" be what it is ment to be. 

"I think every strong woman in history has had to walk the similar path.

And I think its the strength and courage that causes the confusion and the fear,

why is she strong? Where does she get it from?

How can she still love? How can she still be laughing?

Where does this power come from? Where is she taking it?

Where is she going to use it?" 

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8 Ways to stay positive and motivated during this pandemic

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If you are like me, you are probably experiencing more stress that usual. Work is different, the Wi-Fi is acting up, and your social life has come to a halt. Stability and predictability are two words that we are unable to resonate with anymore. After a certain point, all of this can get to you. Fear can make you feel powerless. While you cannot control your feelings, thoughts and the Wi-Fi, you definitely can shift your attention towards the things you can control and help restore your sense of confidence.

Make a list of things that you think are in your control (They could be uneventful or extraordinary) and work on them, every single day. I would like to share with you, my list:

  1. Start a virtual book/movie club: Start your own book club on WhatsApp. Add all the bibliophiles on your contact list. Or if you’re a movie buff, create a group to watch and discuss movies.
  2. Enhance your skills: Work on advancing your skill! It could be something as mundane as taking up an excel course or something fun like baking. Try to complete at least two online courses this quarantine!
  3. Work out: You probably saw this coming. But one cannot stress how important it is to work out especially during uncertain times like these, when your anxiety is at its peak and your thoughts don’t let you sleep. Learn new home workouts every day and let the endorphins and serotonin flow into your body.
  4. Interact (virtually) with your long lost friends and family: Life can get really busy and to be honest it has been. Until now. And we are unable to cope with all the time we have. Talk to all those people you lost touch with and wished you hadn’t (This does not include you ex. DO NOT TEXT THEM!).
  5. Learn a new make-up routine: I personally feel like, the time I spend wearing make-up is all for me. It is the time I have chosen for myself. It could take you fifty minutes or fifteen minutes. That is YOUR time, you are looking in the mirror and focusing on yourself. So create a new look and wear some mascara because, why not?
  6. Write a blog on Glo Community: You probably did not see this one coming. But really, put all your thoughts (happy or sad) into words, not only will it help you learn a lot about yourself, but also help you gain awareness of your reality. You will be helping contribute to the WHO Covid-19 fund!
  7. Limit your news intake: While it is good to be informed at all times, the amount of information can be a double edged sword. So be aware, but also learn to disconnect.
  8. Do your bit: Last but not the least, everybody reading this is probably doing their part by washing hands regularly and staying home unless absolutely necessary. Every small effort is going to add up and will have a huge impact.

Do not lose hope. Stay positive, stay motivated and please be safe. We are all in this together. 😊

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Being 8 Months Pregnant Didn’t Stop This SHERO From Delivering COVID-19 Test Kits To The Nation

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In the battle against coronavirus, India has been criticised time and again for a poor record of testing people. Amidst all of this, there is change set to be brought about, a large part of which is accredited to the one and only virologist - Minal Dakhave Bhosale.

Ms Bhosale headed the team that designed the coronavirus testing kit (called Patho Detect)  in India and is also the R&D chief of Mylabs discovery, Pune. She had just been informed of a pregnancy complication in february, right after which despite personal circumstances, willingly took on the assignment of designing the coronavirus test kits.

Up until now, India had to import COVID-19 kits from Germany at Rs.4500 per kit, but the molecular diagnostic company has been successful in creating a kit that is now able to test 100 samples and costs Rs 1,200 - literally a quarter of the cost of COVID-19 testing kits that were being imported. 

Besides being relatively much lower than kits imported from outside, the team also achieved COVID-19 testing in just two and a half hours compared to other tests that took no less than 6-7 hours. 

What is most fascinating about her story is that Ms Bhosale managed to complete her assignment on time and while being 8 months pregnant, only a couple of hours before she delivered her baby daughter. 

In the words of Ms Bhosale (to BCC) : “ It was an emergency, so I took this on as a challenge. I have to serve my nation”. A true inspiration to women across the world and a real team player - a thousand salutes to the women who put her nation first in the most critical of situations. 

Minal Dakhave Bhosale- A real life hero, A SHERO, as one may say.

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